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Insolvency Law

As an attorney for insolvency law with long professional experience, I offer tailored advice on all insolvency law issues, whether you are an entrepreneur or a consumer.

Law Office Pawlowski

For consumers or private individuals, we offer individual debtor counseling, the implementation of debt settlement attempts, as well as the filing of applications in consumer insolvency proceedings. In doing so, we focus on individual counseling in a confidential environment with a view to your overall situation in order to also exclude criminal dangers from the very beginning. Already in terms of professional qualification, debtor counseling with a lawyer is of course clearly different from counseling with a debtor counseling center. Decide for yourself how important the quality of legal advice is to you. We will be glad to help you.

For entrepreneurs the question always arises whether a reorganization and a preservation of the existence are not possible, or whether a further hesitation could be perhaps even punishable as insolvency delay. Together we will work out an overview of your situation and then decide which solution is best for you. Only competent advice and support will enable you to start a new debt-free life. Today, insolvency is no longer the social end! Shape your future now!

Residual debt discharge

It is time for you to act! Insolvency proceedings open up the possibility of residual debt discharge after a period of 3 years. Even negative “Schufa” entries can be deleted after the conclusion of the procedure. Do not hesitate any longer, but finally bring order and perspective back into your life! As your lawyer for insolvency law and debt advisor, I will be happy to assist you.

Insolvency law

Self-employed persons, but also consumers, must, however, also keep in mind the danger of committing an insolvency offense. Supposedly harmless behavior can be punishable in connection with an insolvency. These include favoring creditors, violating accounting obligations, bankruptcy, etc. For UG and GmbH managing directors and AG board members, there is even an obligation to file an application for the opening of insolvency proceedings within a period of 3 weeks after becoming aware of the insolvency or overindebtedness. Failure to meet this deadline may even result in a conviction for delaying insolvency proceedings. Anyone who receives such a criminal conviction risks no longer being allowed to act as a managing director in the future. So no time should be lost here. In such proceedings in particular, however, it is often possible to find pragmatic solutions through a defense lawyer in dialogue with the public prosecutor’s office, which they would hardly have been able to argue themselves. As an attorney for insolvency law and a specialist attorney for criminal law, I can provide you with comprehensive advice here.

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