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Criminal Law

As a specialist lawyer for criminal law in Aachen, I will assist you in all stages of criminal proceedings.

Criminal Law Office Pawlowski
Criminal Law Office Pawlowski

Competent criminal defense from the initiation of a criminal investigation, through the main hearing, to the execution of the sentence. The earlier a specialist lawyer for criminal law is called in, the better the chances are for the defense.

As a specialist lawyer for criminal law and criminal defense attorney, I handle, among other things, general criminal law, BTM criminal cases (drugs), gang crime, white-collar criminal law, insolvency criminal law, criminal tax law and juvenile criminal law, but also fine cases and prison law. My work as a lawyer is not limited to Aachen, but I can defend you nationwide. In the past years, I have been in charge of proceedings before various regional courts in Germany in the area of ATM burglary and drug-related crime.

If you become aware of criminal proceedings against you, you should contact a lawyer immediately and not make any statements about the matter for the time being. A hasty admission may interfere with a successful criminal defense.

It is imperative that you adhere to the following principles:

In the case of arrests:

Call me as your attorney immediately if possible. If necessary, ask that a telephone be made available to you. For such emergencies in criminal law, you will find my special emergency phone number at the bottom of this page!

Do not make a statement without your lawyer and without knowing the file, even if you think you are in the right! It is your right to remain silent. A statement can be made at any time in the criminal proceedings, even up to the main hearing. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise! Silence does not incriminate you! A hasty admission can take away the basis of a successful defense in criminal law. Do not sign anything that you have not read and understood beforehand.

It is crucial to avoid pretrial detention if possible. Otherwise, you will lose your job, your home and social contacts, although this may be avoidable. Fighting for your rights!

During searches:

Do not let the officers in immediately. First get the search warrant and check if the place to be searched is even noted on the warrant. If this is not the case, the search may not take place! Check whether the search warrant is not older than 6 months and whether it has been signed by a judge. If possible, call me as your criminal law attorney and criminal defense lawyer immediately. For such criminal law emergencies, you will find my special emergency phone number at the bottom of this page!

Do not give any information about the case, even if you think you are in the right, keep silent!
Be sure to have a seizure inventory prepared. Items must be designated as accurately as possible. Check all forms you are asked to sign to see if any voluntary consents are given there and cross them out. Make sure you are given the warrant, the seizure inventory, and the minutes.

In the case of police subpoenas or interrogations while still on the scene:

Even if you are “only” summoned as a witness, your alarm bells should be ringing. Very often, a supposed witness becomes the accused in the course of the interrogation!
Whether you are being questioned as an accused or not. Come to me with the summons. I will cancel the appointment for you if necessary and request the file inspection. Only after receiving and examining the criminal file can a defense strategy be worked out.

The involvement of a criminal defense lawyer is your right and may not be denied to you, nor talked out of it by making you understand that the appeal to the lawyer is only because you have something to hide.

In the case of penalty orders:

If you receive a penalty order and you do not agree: Immediately contact the specialist lawyer for criminal law, because you have only a period of 2 weeks to defend yourself against this! After that, a penalty order becomes legally binding and can hardly be removed. A legally binding penalty order has the same effect as a judgment. Often, however, an appeal can still lead to a discontinuation of the proceedings and sometimes even to an acquittal. Fines are often imposed on the basis of an overestimated income. Something can be done about this as well, but only if an appeal is filed in time.

In case of extradition from abroad

Do you have a European or international arrest warrant? You are abroad and should be delivered to Germany? Contact me immediately. I will immediately request access to the files, which your foreign lawyer cannot obtain. If necessary, I will file an appeal against your arrest. It is not uncommon that it is easier to be spared from execution of imprisonment for a longer period of time abroad. This is where I can start and, if necessary, also obtain a reprieve in Germany. It is of central importance to avoid pre-trial detention if possible. Otherwise you will lose your job, your home and social contacts, although this may be avoidable! I am able and ready to work together with your foreign lawyer.

You can reach me in criminal law emergencies such as DETENTION and INVESTIGATION 24h under: +49 (0)241 5591 561

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